Chant Live

You're In The Band

Chant Live is an Open Source Band where YOU, the audience becomes the show.

We use YOUR voices to co-create music with our ever changing line-up of amazing musicians and very special guests! Our core line-up consists of Youth (Killing Joke), Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd), Jon Moss (Culture Club), Dave Barbarossa (Adam and the Ants), Regina Martin, Tom Nettlemouth and Jamie Grashion (Space Blaster).

This is a short film about Chant Live's journey through the summer of 2015 including footage from our gigs at Portobello Live Festival,  Soho, Stone Henge, Glastonbury and Wembley. 

The soundtrack of this film is an example of a growing Chant Live track that includes voices collected from our INPUT events which are then played back at our OUTPUT events as part of the Chant Live show. 

Introducing the Magic Fountain. CHANT’s new lead dancer…..