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CHANT Live Digital artwork with XR AT Dancing Fountain Boomtown 2019.

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The Voice Inside Your Head


Add your voice to the Chant Live gig on Friday and Saturday late nights 1 am to 3 am with Extinction Rebellion and Dancing Fountain at Whistlers Wood in Whistlers Green Boomtown 2019.

Tell us about Trees and upload your voice into the Chant Live gigs and join the band. Chant Live is creating a digital artwork with our friends.

Please invite your friends to this page.

Dowload the App for iOS. Click on this link:

And you will be asked to download TestFlight from the App Store. After you have TestFlight installed click on the link again and the Chant App will be available to download.

Send Beta Feedback using the link in TestFlight as this will provide us with useful information to debug the App.

Thank you! Dan, Dan and Daniel (and all the other Dans at Chant Live)