Chant Live

You're In The Band

The 1st seven tracks listed below use voices we've collected at our INPUT events in London and from around the world. There are seven different genres in seven different keys and the key of each of track relates to a specific cause. A = ATMOSPHERE, B = ANIMALS, C = HEALTH, D = HUMANITY, E = SUSTAINABILITY, F = FORESTS and G = WATER.

The soundtrack to this video contains CHANTS collected from 118 different countries.  This song has participants from two thirds of the countries in the world.

It includes the voices of monks from Dharmsala that CHANT co-founder - Youth - recorded two years ago. We have combined the monk's CHANTS with 15th century Spanish bagpipe music mixed with people's' chants that were collected from over 118 countries around the world.  This song was gifted as a present in appreciation for the Dalai Lama attending Glastonbury festival.